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Centre for Australian Space Education (CASE)

The Centre for Australian Space Education Pty Ltd is an organisation formed in 1992 to provide financial support for Space Science Programs. CASE was established by the same team who founded the Australian International Space Science School which is now recognised to be one of the world's best space education programs. We recognised the need to further support and promote space science education in Australia.



The Aims of CASE are:

  • to further promote science and technology in Australian education,

  • to motivate children at an early age,

  • to instil the concept that 'science can be fun',

  • to provide every student with the opportunity to participate in the exciting world of space science,

  • to provide the necessary infrastructure to support these aims.

CASE Principles

CASE works to a clear set of principles. These principles are based on:


Quality: Always means success

  • Quality of our education programs.

  • Quality of our administrators and consultants.

  • Quality of our partners.

Responsibility: Shared responsibilities ensure successful outcomes

  • Responsibility to students and teachers.

  • Responsibility to achieve high standards of educational outcomes.

  • Responsibility to our partners.

Mutuality: Mutual benefits will endure.

  • Mutual benefits between ourselves and our partners.

  • Mutual support of each other.

  • Mutual reward to all.


CASE will continue to develop programs for the benefit of all Australian students.


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