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NT Space School Incorporated(IA 02848)


The NTSS is a short residential space school whose mission is to provide young people with an opportunity, through a residential school, to pursue their interest in Space Science, Technology and Engineering.
In 2013 NT Space School students will enjoy a presentation and activities lead by James Willcox. James is a physics student at the University of Newcastle, and graduated from the Hunter School of the Performing Arts (HSPA) coming first in Physics and Chemistry with the HSPA Science prize. James conducted the New South Wales Space School and helps to organise the Australian International Space School. James is also a chaperone on the YASSA tour and is a model rocket enthusiast. The NT Space School is proud to welcome James as a presenter at the residential this year and are confident that Northern Territory students will find him interesting and the activities that he’ll lead fun and informative. For more details about the 2013 program please use the web link below.


Two NTSS 2013 graduates will be given the opportunity to win a $500.00 scholarship to attend the Australian International Space School which will then allow access to the Johnson Space Center (Houston USA) Engineering Challenge in 2014 sponsored by Young Astronauts Space Schools Australia (YASSA).


About NTSS
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How to Apply
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For more information email ntspaceschool@gmail.com or phone 8922 2122 or 0431 302 384




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